My first blogging assignment!


Hello dear readers.  I’m very excited to be able to tell you I have written my first article for a blogging assignment.  When I first started my little blog, I didn’t really imagine anyone else would read it, so to have followers from all over the world and to have people think my writing is good enough to give me assignments is very exciting for me.

The Crail Food Festival is taking place just up the coast from me this weekend.


A few months ago they asked for bloggers to help get the word out and I sent them a link to my little blog.  They sent a note to thank me but said they had more bloggers than they needed, so I didn’t really expect to hear anything else.  Then a few weeks later, I got an email asking me to write an article for them about the Fife Diet.

The Fife Diet

I was delighted as this is a subject close to my heart – eating locally and in season.  The key message of the Fife Diet is to get everyone, no matter where they live, to aim to eat 80% or more food from their local area and only to source less than 20% of food from elsewhere.  You can read my article for the Crail Food Festival blogging project here.

If you can make it to Fife this weekend, do pop along to Crail for the food festival.  It will be a wonderful medley of chef demonstrations, tastings, workshops, food trails, foraging and more.



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  1. I really wished I lived closer by so that I could visit! 😀

    1. Vohn says:

      Well, you’ll just have to make a trip of it one year won’t you! Feel free to come stay with us if do – honestly Lorraine I’d love to meet you. Vohn x

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