ScotLAND of Food and Drink


Hello dear reader,

Saint Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland and today, 30th November, is St Andrews Day.

Here in Scotland we are lucky enough to have one of the most fabulous natural larders.
Recently a variety of people involved in the food and drink industry in Scotland were asked “What does Scottish food and drink mean to you?”  Here is what they said…


Just for fun, how many Scots words do you know?  Do you know your sleekit from your dreich?  Check out this quiz to find out.

Happy St Andrew’s Day!






4 Comments Add yours

  1. Kitchen-Counter-Culture says:

    So Vohn, what are YOUR three words to describe Scottish food, as in the video? 🙂

    1. Vohn says:

      Ooh – good question Annie – I hadn’t even thought of that. I would have to say sustainable, surprising, scrumptious! Vohn x

      1. Kitchen-Counter-Culture says:

        I have only ever eaten beautiful food in Scotland, including Indian in Glasgow and Palestinian in Edinburgh and hippy feasts in the Hebrides and that delicious haggis from Portobello…. incredible cakes, chocolates, james, breads…. xxx

      2. Vohn says:

        Hear hear Annie! Scotland has such amazing diversity of food – from the traditional Scottish to the melting pot of many other ideas and cultures. Beautiful food, beautiful country! Vohn x

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